Our Services

Typing or Transcription service

I offer a comprehensive typing service and can transform your voice recording, dictation or text into a consistent and accurate document which will be proof read to ensure they are returned to the highest standard.  I can work over the phone, from a Dictaphone (tape or digital recording), from hand-written notes or from computer notes.  I undertake transcriptions of interviews, reports, letters, minutes of meetings, surveys, inventories etc. and/or working with your specific templates. PAMS Secretarial Service understands confidentiality is very important so will provide you with a Non Disclosure Agreement if you feel it appropriate.  I do assure discretion at all times and hope to exceed your expectations, so I will work on your transcript until you are completely satisfied.

Letter writing or creative writing

Writing that difficult letter of complaint or an important reference letter, when the words will just not come together to make a valid point or persuasive argument, can be a source of genuine frustration and concern especially if you are not used to putting pen to paper.  Whilst there are many free templates available on the internet, trying to find something to suit your specific needs and takes up valuable time as well. This is where PAMS Secretarial Service can offer you a complete solution.  Give me your subject and accurate information and I will return a clear, concise and to-the-point letter.  I can re-write or edit your business information, for example brochures, newsletters, annual reports, policy papers, press releases, leaflets and website content presenting a more professional image with a distinct competitive advantage.

Telephone calls or Telesales Script

PAMS Secretarial Service will provide you with the right telesales script, your manuscript for success on the telephone.  Regardless of the products or services you sell, the telesales script trains new operatives, refreshes the veteran team members and turns your prospect into buyers.  Best of all, it defines your offer and your company brand better than any mail shot, marketing campaign or direct response programme ever will.  When telephone calls are professionally made they help you achieve your business goals by winning new business and retaining existing clients.  A well thought out telesales strategy only needs to improve by just a few percentage points in order to gain success. I can also help individuals who may have a communication problem or who may not know who to contact or the best way of explaining a situation or conducting a negotiation. 

Other Services

PAMS Secretarial Service can help in many other ways, from administration, preparation of printed and promotional material, word processing, PowerPoint presentations, WebSite content and design in conjunction with PAMS web developer SUMA Design , data input, mail shots, internet research, export shipping and help with sending parcels abroad at a competitive price.

Pam’s Secretarial Can Help You When

You need an assistant but your space is limited.
Your workload exceeds your staffing levels.
You want to present a more professional image.
You create more ideas than you have time to implement.
You travel and need a contact person who can represent your business in a professional manner while you are away.
You have seasonal or periodic projects.
You only have a few hours of work a day, week or month.
You are struggling with that awkward letter or reference.​​​​​​

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What We Offer

Administration, Letter writing, Phone-in dictation, Audio transcription, Mail shots, Itinerary planning, Export shipping, Creative writing, Powerpoint presentations, Advertising Design, Information flyers, Website design, Business Cards and more.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This list is by no means exhaustive. Use Pam's Secretarial to help create the right balance for your success.

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