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Pam's Secretarial services in Southport, Merseyside, Lancashire and the North West

Pam Haynes

PAMS Secretarial services is owned and run by Pam Haynes. With many years experience of delivering top level secretarial services worldwide, PAMS Secretarial services can offer you an efficient and professional service, whatever your requirements.

Quality Secretarial Services

Benefiting from delivering secretarial services on many levels and across many different industries, Pam  Haynes offers quality secretarial services in Southport, Lancashire, Merseyside, throughout the North West or wherever you happen to be.

Virtually Sorted

There are plenty of people who struggle with their daily organisation and because they have their own personal computers or accountants for the finance, are reluctant to ask for help in other areas. My own experience, wide range of skills and scrupulous commitment to standards of exacting quality combine to offer a bespoke secretarial support service to individuals and small businesses.

You need PAMS Secretarial Service help if you need a secretary or an assistant but your space is limited or you don’t need a full time employee or your workload exceeds your current staffing levels and deadlines are in danger of being missed.  Perhaps you wish to present a more professional image, but lack the experience in the administrative arena or you create more ideas than you have time to implement yourself and would like to delegate details and follow-up, my own secretarial skills are at your service.  What if you travel and need a contact person who can represent your business in a professional manner while you are away or have seasonal or periodic projects that you do not wish to delegate to a variety of ‘temps’?  Maybe you don’t want to lose that personal touch as your business grows or you only have a few hours of work per day, week or month. Use PAMS Secretarial Service and your problems are virtually sorted!

My unsparing commitment to the needs and proprieties of my clientel enable me to offer you a discreet and reliable portfolio of home secretarial or administrative support. I can provide vital help with typing or transcription to individuals or groups with private letters, awkward letter writing or notices, complaints or reference letters, telephone calls and telesales scripts, together with a variety of other services such as news letters, PowerPoint presentations, leaflet and marketing material design and production.

These secretarial services are by no means exhaustive, so contact PAMS to help create the right balance for your success.

What We Offer

Administration, Letter writing, Phone-in dictation, Audio transcription, Mail shots, Itinerary planning, Export shipping, Creative writing, Powerpoint presentations, Advertising Design, Information flyers, Website design, Business Cards and more.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This list is by no means exhaustive. Use Pam's Secretarial to help create the right balance for your success.

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